“I have a total of 5 implants, three inserted in the upper jaw and two inserted in the lower jaw, applied in two treatment sessions. Prior to commencement of treatment, I was given information both written and verbal about benefits and possible complications of implant treatment. I made an informed decision to begin with three upper jaw implants. The procedure was completely painless with no swelling/bruising after surgery. I was able to tolerate a fairly soft diet immediately and along with simple analgesia I found the entire process surprisingly painless.”

“Together with adequate local anaesthesia and good communication from Sean, the next stage was uncomplicated and not at all painful. The final stage brought my new image, wonderful new teeth. This was something I never imagined possible as I could for the first time in years, smile with confidence. The second course of treatment which was also uncomplicated involved a further two implants. During the process, I received good, friendly professional care from all the team.”

“My whole self esteem and self worth has been lifted as, along with confidence building, I could now speak and converse in a positive manner with no embarrassing denture to conceal. Any regrets? Yes, should have had implants sooner.”