Same Day Teeth or Teeth In a Day.


“Same day teeth” or “Teeth in a day, where people leave the same day with new teeth fixed on implants appeals to a lot of potential implant patients, especially as seen in certain cosmetic and makeover shows. This treatment is an excellent option for some people and one we certainly offer.

Is it a one off treatment?

You will certainly have fixed teeth the same day as the implants are placed, thus avoiding wearing a denture. However, this is not the end of treatment. This bridge is a temporary structure which will be replaced with the final, definitive bridge 4-8 months later. This second bridge will involve a different fee unless it is quoted as included from the beginning, making some “headline” fees not accurate to the total overall cost. This temporary bridge is made from materials which cannot last long-term in order to keep costs down so thinking you can keep the first one is not realistic.

Can I carry on as if they were my own teeth from day one?

Whilst the implants are undergoing healing you usually need to stick to a soft diet for 2-4 months. However, function and comfort are far better than the alternative of wearing a full denture or even having no teeth at all!

Why do I need a second, new bridge?

After Implant surgery and especially if teeth are extracted at the same time as placing implants, the gum and bone tissues need to heal. Part of this healing process is that they change shape and remodel before stabilising. An implant bridge needs to sit accurately on these gum tissues to stop problems with speech and food getting stuck underneath. An accurate model of these stabilised gum tissues can only be established once healing has fully occurred.

Is this a treatment option open to everyone?

It is suitable for many people but not in every case. Suitability depends upon many factors and a full assessment, including a CT scan is required before your individual position can be determined. The CT scan gives a three dimensional picture of the bone available for implant placement and is essential as a diagnostic aid.

What would be my next step?

Contact our reception and arrange a free, informal chat to look at possible options or a full assessment and scan (£240) to determine an actual treatment plan.

How much does treatment cost?

The cost range is £6000-£9000 for the first stage. The second stage is then priced between £4000-£6000 depending on the material used.