Dental Implants Placements from £900, fully restored from £1800

Our aim at the Hampshire Implant Centre is to allow as many people as possible to benefit from the replacement of missing/extracted teeth with dental implants. The Hampshire Implant Centre has sourced different implant systems which significantly reduce the cost to patients and should allow more patients to benefit from implant treatment.

We are able to offer 3 different systems, which will allow much greater choice for the patient and a range of prices to suit individual budgets and preferences. Remember, planning and experience are the key to success.

Treatment System 1System 2System 3
Single implant placement £900£1110£1380
Implant and crown £1800£2230£2760
Two implants and three bridge N/A£5200£6250

Single Implant Placement

System 1System 2System 3

Implant and Crown

System 1System 2System 3
From £1700From £2100From £2600

Two Implants and Three Tooth Bridge

System 1System 2System 3
N/AFrom £4900From £5900

Choice of systems to suit all budgets

We are aware that many people are prevented from having implant treatments due to the traditional high cost. Our aim is to allow access to this life changing treatment to as many people as possible. With this in mind, we offer a range of dental implant systems. We have extensive experience with all three systems and all three have a long track record of success.

System One

This is an American System which has been in production for 30 years. It is a basic system with only two parts which significantly reduces the engineering required in production and also, there are no specialized parts required to restore the implant with a crown or bridges. This reduces the cost to us for both parts and laboratory elements and it is this saving which we are able to pass on. I have cases which are 10+ years down the line and their success rates are just as good as any other system.

System Two

It is a similar system to the most expensive one and the two are interchangeable for most situations. This system is manufactured in Brazil, reducing the cost of implants and restorative components. This system is used extensively worldwide and is sold under the umbrella company of the expensive Swiss system, Straumann.

System Three

This system is manufactured in Switzerland to the highest engineering standards. There are a wide variety of implants and different ways to attach the crown/bridges to the implant to enable the best possible choice for each individual circumstance. In complex aesthetic cases and multiple restorations, the range of parts and degree of precision engineering can give a significant advantage. This system has the most scientific documentation and continued research and is one of the biggest selling systems worldwide. All elements of this system are top of the range and represent the current state of the art.