Free Complimentary Chat

If you wish to have a chat about possibilities, costs and general pros and cons of implant treatment and different systems, we offer a free consultation to explore the possibilities.

Please be aware that a definitive diagnosis cannot be given as this would require X-rays and models of your teeth, but it will enable an exploration of what treatments are possible and what would be involved.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

As mentioned earlier, this is the key element in planning and achieving a successful outcome. This initially involves X-rays and taking models of your teeth to enable the implantologist to develop the most suitable treatment and system in your individual case. We now routinely use CT scans for all implant cases. The information gathered from a CT scan gives a three dimensional bone picture and allows us to know exactly what can, or more importantly, cannot, be done. It removes any element of educated guesswork associated with traditional x-rays.


Implant planning and diagnosis (including X-rays, models and models of your teeth), costs £94.00, the CT Scan ranges from £90 – £150. Please be aware that no implant treatment can be undertaken without this element as it is essential to achieve successful outcomes and to advise those for whom an implant option is not the best choice.